Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Payouts



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Less Mininum PTC Site's

No Mininum PTC Site's

The following websites below can pay you out even if its a cents. The thing is you can payout everyday! Just wait for how many hours for them to processed it.

1. Joy-Click

At you can actually earn money. And its fun!
At the members will get the best service, great contests and joy! And its free. We will make all we can to give you a great site and a fun place to be!
  • Low $0.02 minimum payout
  • Paid To Click
  • Paid To Read Emails
  • Paid To Read Ads
  • Paid To Sign Up
  • Free Click Exchange
  • 5% Referral Earnings

  • PayPal and AlertPay Registration

    PayPal and AlertPay Registration

    Just Follow the link to Register:



    For PayPal you can use it to transfer payouts from your registered PTC Site's but you can't withdraw it until you've verified your account.

    To verify PayPal you need a Debit or Credit Card.

    The minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal is $10.

    For AlertPay you will need a proof of your address and a recent photo in order to verify your account.

    All of my LEGITIMATE PTC Site's are process via PayPal.

    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    List of PTC Scam Site's

    Below are the List of PTC Scam Site's. It means they are tricking you out. They don't pay what they've advertise or published on their website. Just press Ctrl+ F and type the one you are registered.

    Stay safe! Be aware!

    1 (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz)
    10euromails (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz)

    2 (Gptboycott)
    20centsmail (not sustainable) (getpaidforum)

    3 (not sustainable) (Gptboycott)

    4 (refer to update June 2)

    5 (getpaidforum) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz)


    7 (Gptboycott)


    a (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (watch list, gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (PtcTalk) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (read update 10 Dec 2007)

    b (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (getpaidforum)
    bigdollat-mails (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (read update 25 Jan 2008) (read update 8 Dec 2007)
    BuxPtr (not sustainable) (read update April 10 2008)
    Is a scam?

    Cash2all (lots of non-payment complaints at their forum) (uronlinebiz)
    CassandrasClicks (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (read update 7 Dec 2007)
    clickforabuck (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (read update 21 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (read update 7 Dec 2007) (read update 23 Dec 2007) (getpaidforum) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

    d (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable)
    DarkAngelMails (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (promotes a list of scam sites) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz)

    e (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (read update 14 Dec 2007) (read update 21 Dec 2007)
    Eurotrademails (not sustainable)
    europtr (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

    f (Gptboycott) (getpaidforum) (getpaidforum) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz)

    g (uronlinebiz)
    Getrefmails (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (read update 15 Dec 2007)

    h (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (read update March 30 2008) (Gptboycott)

    i (PTCTalk) (update 20 Dec 2007) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable)

    j (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

    k (uronlinebiz)

    l (Gptboycott)

    m (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (watch list, gptboycott)
    mailero (not sustainable) (MFMO) (read update 2 Dec 2007) (Gptboycott) (PtcTalk) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (misleading, read update 5 Jan 2008)

    n (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (watch list, gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)
    Nocs.Us (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott)

    o (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (promotes a list of scam sites) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott)

    p (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (getpaidforum)
    payooclub (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (ptctalk) (from getpaidforum) (misleading - read update Jan 1 2008) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable)


    r (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable)

    s (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (Gptboycott) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (getpaidforum) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

    t (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (pays to upgraded member only) (not sustainable)

    u (not sustainable)

    v (uronlinebiz) (refer to update March 15) (not sustainable) (not sustainable) (getpaidforum) (read update 7 Jan 2008) (uronlinebiz)

    w (not sustainable) (getpaidforum) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (uronlinebiz) (not sustainable) (Gptboycott)

    X (uronlinebiz) (uronlinebiz)

    y (read update 2 Dec 2007)

    z (gone) (uronlinebiz)

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Legitimate PTC Site's

    iHunt Legetimate PTC Site's

    Want to earn something by just surfing the net on your free time? All the banners below will help you a lot in achieving income over the net. All you need to do is sign up for PAYPAL Account after that you can start registering the sites below. Don't worry all of this sites are Legitimate which means it really pays you out on a certain payout. Example on HKBuzz the minimum payout is $1 so after a few days viewing their ads as well as completing some offers you can gain $1. By that time you can transfer it via Paypal. Want to withdraw it? You can use debit or credit card to withdraw your money instantly on ATM's Worldwide!!! So, try it now!

    My Recent Payouts

    1. NeoBux

    At NeoBux you get paid just by browsing our sponsor's ads.
    Unlike many other PTC sites, our goal is to innovate and reach the needs of our users as well as our advertisers.
    Our site is completely designed from scratch because, as users of other PTC sites we were sure that, besides many offers, none could give us what we wanted as users or advertisers.
    We will be glad to receive your feedback.
    What you get as a member:
    Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click.
    Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) for every ad your referrals click.
    Access detailed statistics of your clicks, earnings and even of your referral's clicks and activities.
    Pay and receive instantly!

    2. PalmBux
    Palmbux pays you to view advertisements provided by our sponsors.

    We strive to connect advertisers with potential customers. This way, both parties benefit from our services.

    Our innovative features for members give them flexibility and more earning potential. We are always ready to take any advice into consideration.

    What you get as a member:

    Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click.

    Earn up to $0.01 (1 cents) for every ad your referrals click.

    We offer you detailed statistics of your earnings through your own clicks and your referrals.

    Pay and receive instantly, within seconds!

    * The minimum payout is $2 and Instantly!.

    3. QualityBux

    4. BuxWiz

    We are a platform for connecting advertisers with potential customers.
    As members, you get paid to view the ads provided by our sponsors and we ensure that advertisers as well as you get benefits. We offer an easy and lucrative earning proposition to our members by offering tools to optimize & increase their earnings. We welcome active p
    articipation from our members in improving their earnings and advertising experience here. You get detailed statistics of your earnings through your own clicks and that of your referrals. At BuxWiz, you earn up to $0.01 per ad you click and upto $0.01 for every referral click. So get started now, become a Wiz at making money!


    It's easy! You just click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn more referring friends. You'll get paid up to $0.015 for each website you view and up to $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and will be quickly processed through PayPal.

    6. TrekPay

    Get Paid for Searching the Internet!
    We Profit Share every week
    CAUTION: Only one(1) account per household is allowed!!!
    (click on the "Browse/Search" tab to get started)

    7. BeachBux


    Come relax by the sea, feel the heat of the sun, and earn some money. Our goal here at BeachBux is to give a relaxed feel to the PTC world, our aim is not only to innovate, but to relax-ovate
    Nothing better then earning money when relaxing, so come sign up now!

    8. Wishing Well PTC


    Please see Terms page.
    $2.00 Paypal Payout!
    30% Referral Earnings!
    All links from $0.0002 - $0.02!
    5% Discount on Redemptions!
    Paid to Read & Click Ads!
    Click Exchange!
    Featured & Banner Ads!


    Earning Opportunity
    Here in the world of clicksia, you can earn an extra stream of income by completing simple tasks; We have advertisers that will pay you real cash money to simply view their websites, and other advertisers will pay you even more to join their various programs!
    Affiliate Benefits

  • Paid to Click

  • Paid to Sign Up

  • Traffic Exchange

  • PTP $0.10 CPM

  • $1.00 Minimum Payout

  • 10% Downline Earnings

  • 10. CoinClickXSalary

    Welcome To CoinCLickXSalary!
    - Members, Get Paid To Visit Websites!

    The process is easy! You simply click a link on our Surf Page and visit the following website for at least 15 seconds, click the button provided, then you'll get paid up to $0.01 for your action per each website you personal visited and 1% ~ 100% for each website your referrals visited. You could earn $0.01 for each referral you got who register under you! Also, you can get paid up to $100.00 for each signup at CCXS sponsors' websites! Payment requests can be made within 24hrs and are processed through Paypal .
    The minimum payout is $9.00. Sign up is totally Free!
    Give it a try Today for just simply complete our form!
    Earnings Example
    You click 20 ads per day = $0.20
    You refer 100 new member per day = $1.00
    50 referrals click 20 ads per day = $10.00
    Your daily earnings = $11.20
    Your monthly earnings = $336.00
    Your yearly earnings = $4032.00 USD
    *The above example is based only on 50 referrals and 20 daily clicks.
    Some days you will have more ad available to click,
    some days you will have less.
    What happen if you had more referrals as 100?
    What if there were more ads available maybe 30 ads?
    The answer is your earnings will be double or even triple !


    TheClickers.Net For Members/Affiliates

    • Get Paid to Click up to 1c ads
    • Get Paid to Read emails (0.5c or 1 cent)
    • 40% Commission on Referral Earnings (110% for premium members)
    • 15-90 cents or more Paid to Sign Up to free sites!
    • Many contests. Huge Prizes
    • $5.5 Minimum Payout(AlertPay, PayPal)
    • PayPal, AlertPay and MoneyBookers Business Verified
    • Join For Free Today!

    12. TuiBux

    TuiBux in itself is a specially written script from the ground up. We pride ourselves on showing our creativity, dedication, and respect towards our members.
    Unlike most PTC websites out there, we are here to treat our member's needs and to sustain our growth in the PTC world. Please take the time to read through this brief introduction to familiarize yourself with our website.
    As a member, you will be given special features depending on your membership. You are free to sign up anytime. Our free membership provides the following:
    Standard Members
    • $0.01 per click
    • $0.005 per referral click
    • Graphs of click statistics along with referral statistics
    • Instant Payments
    Premium Members
    • $0.01 per click
    • $0.01 per referral click
    • In depth graphs of each referral plus
    13. 99centPTC


    You can get paid to view websites, read ads, complete offers,complete surveys, type website reviews, refer your friends, promote our site and much more! It is absolutely free to join our program.